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Deborah Coburn
After a career running personal development courses for a modelling agency, then using my learnings from the UK International College of Film & Theatre Makeup for the film and television industry for several years, I owned and ran Collective Hairdressing and makeup salon for nearly 23 years.
I continued to run modelling training, personal deportment, grooming and life skills during these years and qualified as a trained NLP Practitioner (Neuro and Language skills). 
Since selling the Collective Salon, I have developed my own highly successful training and coaching company, Collective Courses, which give participants tools to empower and build confidence, focusing on the inside to reflect on the outside.
My training, combined with life skills, enable me to deliver courses that can produce major change in people’s lives. I have also trained with and has worked alongside the international training and coaching company ‘Your Life Live It’.  
My main driving force is to reach people that don’t realise that, with the right life skills, they can change their lives and develop better relationships in all spheres of their lives. 
Jackie Gay
From Still Vision Photography contributes her experience and expertise for the seminars for Women and Teenage girls.  looking at the fashion industry, talking about how and why belief systems affect our world. This platform has been a way for young minds to change their perception of beauty and to hopefully help show a different perspective and encourage each and everyone of us to shine as the person we are without bending to what the worldwide industries telling us to look like
Crew Styling team of hairstylists and makeup artist join our women's and teenage girls day out to make everyone look amazing..
Feeling Good From The Inside Out