Getting Connected
                    Mindfully    -     Together
                Give yourself a better future.
Build self-esteem and confidence from the inside. Over these sessions, you will discover ways of empowering yourself to make positive changes into your future.
Getting Connected  Mindfully
This course provides tools designed to cope with the stresses of daily work and personal life and is broken down into three areas:
  • Building self-awareness to empower people to be better and more fulfilled versions of themselves. 
  • Building resilience and discovering ways to understand and appreciate yourself and others. 
  • Provides tools to create a positive shift in all areas of your life. 
$55.00 3 hour course
Proceeds to Ronald McDonald House
Getting Connected Together
This course offers techniques for creating positive communication and learning ways to express your thoughts productively.
  • Focused on relationship building to empower people to be better versions of themselves.
  •  This course offers techniques for creating positive communication and learning ways to express your thoughts productively.
  • Create more positive personal and professional relationships
$160.00  6 hour course 
This course has been a life changing experience for me. I didn't feel like I needed it to start with but when I gave myself time to think about the path I was on and how much I was ignoring about myself, I realised that my confidence in myself was quite low. Deborah is a positive, light filled person and has the ability to teach people to bring that out in themselves, instead of preaching it. 
That is a wonderful unique gift and I hope she has the opportunity to enlighten many more people that are willing to figure out their true potential. NLP is a 
Non- evasive. Choice motivating method of allowing a person to pursue their true potential without feeling threatened and allowing plenty of room for growth and productivity from oneself and no better woman to show you the path then Deborah Coburn.
 Tara Clarke
Firstly thank you so much for putting on such an amazing course. I personally got a lot out of it. Your efforts and energy was so evident and your material was real. I loved it, I’m really into personal development and learning and your course is 100% on the right track. You are onto a great thing Deborah!! Your giving spirit shines right out of you. Beautiful! You really radiate goodness and ate an amazing role model to so many more than you can imagine.
 Nicola Morris

Deborah is a great role model for teenagers because she motivated me to create change in my life. Deborah's genuine love of helping people is obvious and comes through her course. Deborah is a wonderful speaker because she uses her own life experienced and creativity to make her courses appealing and unique. She is a natural with different types of people and brings out the positivity in everyone.
Kelsey Howell
With her wealth of life experiences and drawing from knowledge, she has created this wonderful life-changing courses, including the one I attended.
I love the way it was presented and the way she got everyone involved in the discussions, it felt safe to open up, which is normally not the case if there are other people that you don't know.
If you really want to learn to get to know and love yourself I would recommend to anyone try one of Deborah courses because they are designed by Deborah for everyone's individual needs.
We deserve the best we can be.
Claudia Faichney 


Feeling Good From The Inside Out