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Courses are specifically designed to enhance you as an individual, create new direction, confidence, self-esteem and inner happiness – helping to move you forward into a more positive future.
Under our umbrella, we host a team of dedicated people that have united to create a platform for growth and development for those that seek change in their lives.
Collective supports the Ronald McDonald's house and individuals onto our courses through Plunket and Youth organisations as a way of giving back to the community. ​
Getting Connected Mindfully
  • ~  Focused on building self-awareness to empower people to be better versions of themselves.

  • ~  About building resilience and discovering ways to understand and appreciate yourself and others.

  • ~  Provides simple tools to create a positive shift in your life.

3 hour course  $55.00
proceeds Ronald McDonald House
tickets available on the purchase page
Getting Connected Together

~ Focused on relationship building to empower people to be better versions of themselves

~ This course offers techniques for creating positive communication and learning ways to express your thoughts productively.

~ A step up from Getting Connected Mindfully

 5 hour  $160.00 



Getting Connected  Mindfully 

Deborah's courses will teach you the skills to not only fully engage with the person who you are inside, but also to trust in that person, to trust your opinion and instinct, to trust in what's important to you and to believe in the road you want to travel or start to. Her courses give you good energy and confident feeling, not from the superficial, but from that which actually comes from within you. I can't wait to keep being a part of her Collective Courses and I know that this can benefit so many other people and different situations; for me as a parent, it starts with me but the follows to truly benefit my children, it can help in job roles, personal life or purely just to re-energize your wellbeing or help you to lift your game. It's helping towards a positive state of mind, that lasts.
Sarah Brown


Getting Connected  Together


 Deborah’s Getting Connected helps remove the digital distraction, and guides course participants on an honest journey of self reflection & social interaction.
Highly recommended for all people seeking answers to becoming a better version of themselves, as well as understanding others better.
Allen Cooper  telecommunication manager


Women on the move


From the beginning to the end the day was a treasure trove of treats, from those that had the power to heal and strengthen the mind and soul through to the outside were feeling good about how you look can have such an uplifting effect. I learned some incredibly valuable life skills and mental tools that build resilience and embraced some new tips and tricks to have me reflecting on the outside my new found pearls on the inside!”

Jacqui Moir


Teenage Girls Day Out

" I learned heaps of new information on how to walk and get more confidence, new ways to reframe sentences and good ways to put on makeup. I thought this course was really fun and I enjoyed being here and it has been very helpful. I loved the whole time and I think you were a wonderful teacher. "    
Lucia King- Smith
Feeling Good From The Inside Out